Tammie Harris Real Estate FirmLicense #: C32649

Tammie Harris Real Estate FirmLicense #: C32649

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"We Help Clients Move with Purpose" in every buyer or seller real estate transaction. We understand the importance and value of professional real estate services that help clients leave an inheritance and create a legacy. 


To eradicate poverty and see families experience wealth through the vehicle of Real-Estate. To provide coaching and mentoring opportunities for Real-Estate Professionals to assist with serving families extremely well. To provide Community Partnerships through volunteer programs to assist children and families in an impactful way.  


If you align with our Mission and Purpose, please accept this as a personal invitation to meet our management team and learn why we are so successful. Discover how our results-producing motivation, coaching, marketing, and support will maximize your income as a sales professional. We want you to be the best you can be, and with our personal attention and dedication, we will prove it to you. Now is the perfect time to explore the options available to you in your real estate career. If your goal is to maximize your productivity and income, join our team of professionals. Whatever career path you pursue, challenging the future together with us will open more doors than ever before.

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